TQF - TCI living CO.,LTD
Product Certification


Certification No.:
Certification description:
►TQF logo in bold font intends to deliver a message of a steady trustworthiness and reliability to the consumer.
►The smiling face symbolizes satisfaction with the product quality.
►The gesture of OK symbolizes food safety assurance of the certified product.
►The first two digits correspond to the number designated to the subcategory of the certified product.
►The 3rd to 5th digits are random numbers to designate the production line of products under the same scope of certification of a manufacturing plant.
►The first five digits is the registration number of the product category under a specific production line of a certified plant.
►The 6th to 9th digits are random numbers to designate the certified product under the defined scope of certification.
►The nine digits correspond to the individual designated coding for the logo of the TQF certified product.

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