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Acrylic DIY SLA 3D Printer from 3D Dream Workshop (Crystal)

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Acrylic SLA 3D printer with photoelectric switch.


  • Software : FunPlay Series ( 3D Dream Wrokshop)
  • Opal : 5ml (color random)
  • Resin : 200ml
  • Tray : 1 pc
  • Photoelectric switch :  Photoelectric switch
  • Wires : Wires
  • structure : Acrylic
  • SPECS : Crystal *1
  • Blueprints : Crystal *1
  • main board : main board
  • control module : control dial,panel,bottoms
  • Galva scanners module : Laser,Galva scanners
  • Laser and Galvo scanning module : (Calibrated)

Key Features

  • Product features: easy to assemble, adjustable laser energy levels, adjustable exposure time, and compatible with any resin 
  • Galva scanners module: laser, Galva scanners 
  • Calibrated laser and Galvo scanning module 
  • Opal: 5 ml (in random colors) 
  • Resin: 200 ml 
  • Compatible software: FunPlay series (3D dream workshop)

FunPlay Series  Crystal (DIY Kit)

Crystal,FunPlay Series DIY SLA 3D Printer,3D Dream Workshop

Suggested Applications


Industrial design

General Purpose

Toy Design



Price competitive

Easy to assemble by instruction video

 Adjustable Laser Energy

Adjustable Exposure Time

 Compatible With Any Resin

 "Opal" -- Create Your Own Colors



Installed bearing on the top of the Z axis screw

    This design feature is to prevent Z axis wobbling and to gives printed products smoother a surface.

            The bearing hold the screw in place; therefore it no longer shaking.

Specially designed bolt’s hole

For long lasting and beauty, and has been tested thousands times without problems.


bolt hole, Crystal, FunPlay Series, SLA 3D Printer, DIY 3D Printers, 3D Dream Workshop, Anjun


photoelectron switch
For more accurate printing, we use photoelectron switch to ensure the Z axis motor to stop at precise position.

Galva scanners module
Time saving! Laser Galva scanners module are calibrated and tested before shipping.
User ONLY needs to screw the module on to a printer

The printing platform is designed to be adjusted easily
You donnot need bunch of tools to adjust or dismantle the building platform.



Smooth platform
The smooth platform can keep the model with good material. And the product surface more smooth and more texture.

Stripe platform

Striped platform produced by us, to maintain a large contact area, and it will make the goods more solid.

Common features of FunPlay series

Adjustable laser energy & exposure time


In response to different environments and with alternative resins, ALE and AET technologies allow FunPlay series machines to print high quality models anytime and every time.





Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Payment Terms : TT
  • Minimum Order : 2 Piece(s)


    Assembling Acrylic structure --Crystal version

Last Update : 2019-08-01
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