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Antrodia Cinnamomea Capsules

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Timing Antrodia cinnamomea capsule

It has been confirmed to improve physiological function, body strengthand energy level

Antrodia cinnamomea, a treature of Taiwan, was extracted by using high technology,and reserved the active ingredients, such as total triterpenoids andpolysaccharides.

The product is followed by the guide of Ping-tung AgriculturalBiotechnology Park Preparatory Office of Council of Agriculture, ExecutiveYuan, and is produced by the qualified GMP factory. Through the experimentaldata, the Antrodia cinnamomea extract could regulate thephysiological function, nourish and strengthen the body, boost the spirit, andhelp keeping health. The extract is the daily precious supplement for yourhealth.

Thisproduct uses selected Antrodia cinnamomea onlyfound in Taiwan. It is made with most advanced extraction technology topreserve the active compounds such as triterpenoids and polysaccharide .

The prodcut contains both thefruiting bodies and mycelia ofAntrodia cinnamome

It has been confirmed to improvephysiological function, body strength and energy level.

For whom works hard and stays uplate, the product could regulate the physiological function, nourish andstrengthen the body, boost the spirit, and help keep health.

Ingredient:Mycelia of Antrodiacinnamomea (solid-state fermentation), sporocarp of Antrodia cinnamomea(solid-state fermentation), and extract of Antrodiacinnamomea.

Capsulescomposition: gelatin, water, glycerol, Tartrazine, Ponceau 4R, and BrilliantBlue FCF.

Content:500 mg per capsule, 30 capsules per container.

SuggestedUse: 1. Take 1- 2 Capsules per time, and daily take 2 times.

                          2. Suggest to take more whentired.

Storage: 1. Take as soon as possible before the expired date

              2. Keep it out of the sun andaway from water, moisture, and high temperature.

Precautions: Not suitable for infant, pregnant, and breastfeedingwomen.

Shelf Life: 3 years

Made inTaiwan

Manufacturer:Timing Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., PABP branch (Food Factory)

2F, No.3, Shennong Rd., Dehe Village, Changzhi Township, Pingtung County 908,Taiwan


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