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Blowing machine manufacturers

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Blowing machine manufacturers from TAIWAN

  • Stronger, higher film resistance: Comparing to mono layer film products with the same thickness
  • Cost saving: Virgin material is applied mainly on the outer (thin) layers which is relatively a very small percentage of the film composition
  • Better material mixing: With co-extrusion to produce better quality film

Main Usage & Application of Blowing machine manufacturers

  • For the production of T-shirt bags, garbage bags and shrink film (for bottle wrapping)
  • 60% CaC3 compounds or recycled material can be used in the middle layer
  • Thin outer layers with virgin material to cover the film surface so that it still looks good and shinny despite the usage of secondary grade material in the middle layer

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Specification of Blowing machine manufacturers

Model Name CE - Blowing machine manufacturers
Final Product HDPE,LDPE, LLDPE ABA 3 layer plastic film
Application Flexible packaging bags, T-shirt bag, garbage bag, shopping bag
Material Used HDPE,LDPE, LLDPE virgin raw material, recycled material, CaCO3 compound, biodegradable material, masterbatch and additives
Output range 45~200kg/hr (depends on extruder size)
Screw Diameter 40, 45, 55, 65, 80mm (customized)
Screw L/D 28/1,30/1 (customized)
Width  500~2000mm
Thickness  0.008~0.1mm
Optional Devices Auto loader, masterbatch dosing system, rotary die head, bubble controller, corona treater, embossing roller, automatic winder, double winder, EPC, tension controller
Delivery Time 60~120 days
Warranty  1 year
Technical Assistance Engineers available to service machinery overseas 






   Producing T-shirt bags with Blowing machine manufacturers significantly reduces cost

In some markets such as Turkey, Thailand and Vietnam where T-shirt bag production has become extremely competitive, film producers are now replacing their existing mono layer extruders with ABA Blowing machine manufacturers, mainly to save production cost. One of the biggest T-shirt bag producers in Vietnam has already replaced half of its mono layer machine with ABA Blowing machine manufacturers in the past 3 years to stay competitive in the local market.


The ABA Blowing machine manufacturers consists of two extruders, normally of two different sizes. The most common ones today are the combination of a 45mm screw diameter together with a 55mm for T-shirt bag production. For garbage bags, normally a 55mm screw diameter with a bigger 65mm is used.


In the A-A outer layer, normally 20% of CaCO3 is used, with some additional of color masterbatch, LLDPE and a larger percentage of HDPE. The B layer can be used with larger percentage of CaCO3 with HDPE raw material. In-house recycled pellets can also be used to the mixture.


Besides reducing amount of raw material, another advantage of ABA Blowing machine manufacturers is that the produced 3 layer film is 30% stronger than mono layer. The ABA Blowing machine manufacturers is also more economic comparing to an ABC layer machine as it has one extruder less.


POLYSTAR, a Taiwanese manufacturer of ABA Blowing machine manufacturers has shifted its main focus onto re-engineering ABA technology because it has noticed this big shift in market trend in many countries where it exports to.


In Russia, mono layer market is almost dead for POLYSTAR, despite it used to sell at least 50 mono layer machines there annually. 90% of what POLYSTAR sold to Russia since 2010 has been ABA Blowing machine manufacturers. One of the leading bag producers in St. Petersburg with 60 sets POLYSTAR mono layer machine has also been active in upgrading their machines to ABA Blowing machine manufacturers.


POLYSTAR has recently installed 22 sets of mono layer machines in Yangon, Myanmar in a newly-established film production factory. However, this type of set up is only in where labor cost is still low. In markets where labor cost is higher and more competitions exist, producers must find a way to lower their production cost to increase profit margin.


   Blowing machine manufacturers Technology: Thinner, stronger film at lower production cost

The ABA Blowing machine manufacturers offers more flexibility on film formula. The three layer film is 30% stronger than mono layer film, and production cost can be saved up to 50%. Based on the unique screw design, up to 60% CaCo3 can be added to machine with excellent mixing effect.


By using the gravimetric 4 components dosing unit, operator is capable to control the accuracy of formula when mixing main material resins (either virgin or recycled) together with additives, fillers, and masterbatches.













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ABA Blowing machine manufacturers from Taiwan             

Find more info on ABA Blowing machine manufacturers : www.polystarco.com


Last Update : 2017-04-06
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