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Cold Heading Machine(2 Die 4 Blow Bolt Former)

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Cold heading machine manufacturers

Lerger is a leading manufacturer specializing in cold heading machine. We are confident of developing the excellent cold heading machine, and we have a variety of cold heading machines.
We are a leading manufacturer producing many kinds of cold heading machines, and we have continuously offered innovative products to meet the changing market demands.

1. The machine is a multi-stage screw/bolt cold heading machine.
2. There are two main dies and four punches installed in the machine.
3. The machine is equipped with double gripper system and bush cut-off knife system.
4. The double gripper system can let bolt head forged in the first punch & easy to transfer the product.
5. The bush cut-off knife system can let bolt end flat & lessen wear away of punch.
6. The machine can be designed to produce the special semi-tubular rivet, steel blind rivet(hollow rivet) & Hex. head bolt.(The machine has the function of hex. head trimming.)
7. The machine can produce the bolt with big head & short shank.
8. The machine model, capacity & output are as following:


Max.cut off dia.(mm)

Max.blank length(mm) Output(pcs/min.)
LHH-2410D 4 25 80-120
LHH-2415D 5 35 60-100
LHH-2420D 7 45 50-70
LHH-2425D 10 75 40-60
LHH-2430D 13 100 40-50
LHH-2440D 15 150 35-50

9. The output depends on the material & size.
10. The optional accessories are like: full safety cover, auto checker system, brake & inverter, etc. Please inform in advance when you inquire.
11. If you want to produce the hollow rivet or semi tubular rivet, please inform in advance when you inquire.
12. We reserve the right to change the designs and specifications without notice. 

Last Update : 2016-05-12
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