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Ct-GM551 SiRF V GPS RS232 Car GPS Mouse receiver

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GPS Mouse, GPS  Receivers, SiRF V

Key Features


- Powered by SiRF starV ultra low power core logic
- GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BDS and SBAS reception for high GNSS availability and accuracy
- Compact module size for easy integration
- Dimension : 42.3 x 40 x 14.1 mm
- Fully utilized SiRF starV upgrade features
- Interface RS232 or USB


Connectec’s new generation Ct-GM551 of products utilizes SiRF starV and feature Quad-GNSS for tracking GPS, GLONASS, BDS and Galileo satellites. The product family delivers highly accurate continuous location, advanced power management and high interference immunity. These continue to

push the envelope of performance in sensitivity, TTFF and urban canyon availability and accuracy. With a built-in DSP and extremely low power consumption, the family can get fast location fixes for geo-tagging images or videos, asset tracking and wearable applications.

Advanced low power technology means there is no need to maintain full power to achieve maximum performance nor turning the GNSS receiver completely off to save power. It breaks old GNSS performance vs. power trade-off through the fusion of a new high-performance GNSS engine, advanced

power management and a smart sensor interface to achieve high sensitivity hot-start conditions for fast location fixes.

Special power modes (Push-to-Fix) ideally suited for camera and asset tracking use cases.

Push-to-Fix is an intelligent periodic low power mode that can adaptively change power depending on the environment and motion conditions. Advanced algorithms and a powerful on chip DSP processor maintain high accuracy(QoS) while achieving the lowest power level possible for the given environmental and motion conditions. Data logging can be achieved with a very low energy-per-fix and completely independent of the host processor, which could be power off.

Dynamic contextual awareness, temperature monitoring and MEMS sensors work in concert to conserve power and boost performance. This opens up a wide variety of use cases for sports camera, asset tracking and fitness devices.

Premium on-chip software provides a new level of continuous location awareness by employing the following advanced technology:

* Advanced power management allows GNSS receivers to stay in a hot-start condition nearly continuously while consuming very little power.
* Local or server generated ephemeris prediction, from three days to one month in advance to boost sensitivity and performance.

Hardware Specification :
* Chipset : GSD5e/ROM Base SiRF starV low power single chipset
* General
   - Frequency : GPS L1, 1575.42 MHz
                           GLONASS L1,1602~1615MHz
   - C/A code :1.023 MHz chip rate
   - Channels :52
   - Sensitivity : GPS -165dB/GLONASS -161dB

* Accuracy
   - Position : < 2.5 meters
   - Velocity : 0.01 meters/second
   - Time : 1 uS synchronized to GPS time

* Datum
   - Default WGS-84
   - Other : selectable for other Datum

* TTFF(@ -130dBm) :
   - Reacquisition 0 :.1 sec., average
   - Snap start : 1 sec., average
   - Hot start : < 2 sec.
   - Warm start : < 20 sec.
   - Cold start : < 30 sec.

* Dynamic Conditions :
   - Altitude : 18,000 meters (60,000 feet) max.
   - Velocity : 515 meters/second (1000 knots) max.
   - Acceleration : 4g, max.
   - Jerk : 20 meters/second3, max.

* Power
   - Main power input : 5 VDC input
   - Power Consumption Average: 60mA (Tracking Mode)
   - Backup Power (VSTBY) 3.3V DC battery input

* Serial
   - Port Electrical interface Default RS232/UART/USB
   - Protocol messages NMEA

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Last Update : 2020-05-13
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