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Electric Actuator (UM-5 UM-6 Direct Mount Series)

Model No.
UM-5 UM-6 Direct Mount Series
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Key Features

Product ID: UM-5 UM-6 Direct Mount Series

1. General Description: 
(1)  UM-1 to UM-6 provide direct mounting on ISO 5211 valves
(2) UM series electric actuator is low power consumption, high torque, high efficiency, excellent weatherproof heavy-duty motor.
(3) All the joints on the housing are armed with waterproofing seal (IP67), which is applicable for use in outdoor environment.
(4) Stabilized start speed to effectively avoid water hammering for the prolonging the service life tubes.
(5) The UM series have contiuous mechanism position indication.
(6) All UM series provide thermal protector.

2. Standard Voltage:
(1) 100VAC ~120VAC
(2) 200VAC ~ 250VAC
(3) 24VDC or other special voltage

3. Enclosure:
(1) IP67 rated waterproof and dustproof enclosure
(2) Made of Nylon which has purpose of resisting against heat, acid, alkali, waterproof, dustproof
(3) Optional: Aluminum Alloy

4. Cautions: 
(1) Please turn off the power prior to servicing or mainpulating manually lest occuring danger or damaging. While minuplating manually, it is recommended that wrench (8m/m open end) of which length is not beyond 10 cm is hired and turn lightly. In case of tightness while torqing, please check the valave whether it is deadly locked, and don't turn it brutally in order to protect the internal contrivance or gadget.
(2) Checking waterproof O ring fallen off is required after wiring, then secure firmly or anchor fittingly and make sure of the cable gland screwed tight for evasion of permeability with dust and rainwater.
(3) Electric actuators that require two sets or above for synchronization are asked for installing relays, each actuator for each relay, forbidden for series cnnection and parallel connection.
(4) While manually manipulating, please note the position indicator within position indication is not beyond the scale range to avert the impairment of the inner contrivance or widget. (Modulator: Variable resistance impaired)

5. Valve:
UM series provide mounting on ISO 5211 valve or non ISO 5211 valve.

6. Option: 
(1) Temp. controller
(2) Uncharger limit switch (max. 2 units)
(3) Heater(induding thermal protector)
(4) Modulating controller
(5) Local control
(6) Relay
(7) Potentiometer (VR)

7. Approvals: 
(1) ISO 9001
(2) CSA
(3) IP67
(4) CE
(5) UL429

Product Certification

Last Update : 2016-12-18
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