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10 Design of the spring and summer merchandise
Source of inspiration

60 years is the main trend for young girls, with a strong modernist color, gender non-geometric design, innovative use of materials, multiple ideas to lead the fashion show. At that time, the British fashion designer Mary Quant dress to give women freedom of movement, so that women look younger, younger blown fashion trend, also known as the 60's modern and rebellious young age.
Also set off a fashion circles creativity, talent fashion climax. Variety of special materials, such as use of iron, plastic, leather clothing made, HIDESAN to New York this season will be more interesting interpretation of the new clothing style fashion in New York will.
Theme Gyrosigma
Choice of Gyrosigma season, the warm spring waves of color and printing totem, the 10 spring and summer couture to create a rippling pattern as the eighteenth century, Yan Europe.

Colors used
Which has taken the black color on the gray tone for the basement, but the season fresh and full of spring and summer special to join the land of the new color features, any combination can only control a refreshing, soft and rich visual experience, so neat and elegant color, and cut each other well, the performance of the full 60 years young and rebellious.

Design focus
Collar type of change is the focus of clothing, this quarter, adding a number of lead-based, multi-character show.
Gentle arc, tidy and elegant sword-type soft lotus leaf collar, collar show the many faces of varied shows, is a rare element of the season.
Changes coupled with lead-based multi-level style with a theme this season strong

Pants Type
Continuous quarters Kukou side pleated, pocket office feeling in focus, pants-type show on the form are wider, shorter length pants, showing mature woman has sacrificed everything to feel relaxed.
Wide crotch narrow leg is popular this season the focus from the traditional Muslim Women, showing the trend of unique landscape, the upper half of the fluffy lines drape flu modified thigh, leg will be the bottom half of the visual necking elongated.
Wash old trousers have been the major international flagship boutique items Your brand, including the full personality DSQUARD2, classic undefeated and full of fashion style DIOR D & G, are the quarterly major Hollywood star's favorite house, this season's pants absolutely amazing 10,000
Skirt Type
Continuation of two quarters of three-dimensional grasp fold, and special cut to create a modern taste of the new feminism, and highlight the beauty of the female body, creating a very peak of the peak.
H-or trapezoid skirt with simple whims and feminine tailoring charge each other prominent style, popular in this season of.
Sleeve type
Emphasize different design focus sleeve-type splicing, feminine, spacious feeling in the sleeve-type using the three-dimensional three-dimensional effect of cutting them out and get on board this season retro pants type, create a new conflict with each other and the nostalgia wave of new women.
Nostalgia retro appearance of the bubble to extend three quarters sleeve sleeve and flower buds again this season to re-baptism, through the influence of a number of years, so modern full sleeves kind of creative imagination more fun, more so HIDESAN fashion show the irreplaceable classics.

Last Update : 2010-05-27
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