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High Precision Laser Cutting Machine - XO series

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XO series
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  • Cooling Mode : Water Cooling
  • Type : CO2

Key Features


  • Flying optics and high rigidity system design improve with great fabrication and shorten the processing time. 
  • User-friendly system, the operator can familiar with the operation quickly.
  • By optic laser path compensator system, gets entire processing quality consistency and high-quality cross sections. 
  • Superior processing matches the high-quality processing needs.
  • With laser power of 2500W to 6000W for meet different industry demands. 

Cutting Stability

With the laser optic path compensating system and automatically focal ability, it enhances the processing quality stability Reduce unsatisfying sections and improving productive efficiency especially with mild steel and stainless steel. N2 gas assisted fabrication process shows most significantly.


High-Speed Cutting

Comparing with previous models, the processing time of EXTRA 2 on thin sheet metal has been increasing its processing speed from 40% up to 200% faster depending on the thickness of the material With the high-speed cutting module capacity it improves the performance of cutting; it significantly shortens the sheet metal fabrication process time.

Superior Cutting Head

Superior technology high-speed cutting head with 5" and 7.5" focal lens and use the tried and tested cartridge replacement system enables a faster switch of focal lengths and focusing position that further automate the cutting process

XO Mechanical Specifications

Model Travel Method Working Stroke Dimension Dust collecting devices Laser Power
XO-30 series Flying Optic 1,550×3,100 mm 11.5M×4.8M×2M Standard 2.5kW/4kW/6kW
XO-40 series Flying Optic 4,050×2,050 mm 15M×6.4M×2M Standard 2.5kW/4kW/6kW



Product Certification

Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Payment Terms : TT ,L/C


    XO CO2 Laser Cutting Machine_Favor Laser

Last Update : 2018-01-19
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