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Plastisol Ink
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Plastisol ink for Textile Silk Screen Printing


  • Type : Other
  • Use : Fiber & Garment

Key Features

1. The printing ink of PLASTISOL can print directly in 100% cotton or fabric of the blend, having the very high covering up and elasticity.
2. This printing ink is not dry in the indoor temperature. never plug the silk screen, after ending the work does not need to clean the silk screen, The high degree permeates, the stamp-tax still keeps behind good and well ventilated, the feeling of the hand is soft, washing the water good, anti-insulation and anti-rubs.
3. Special and fit and many color and the repetition prints the pattern that dye, it can use the silk screen printing of the high density, can acquire softness of the feeling of the hand and resplendent result of the printing of the brightly colored.
4. The printing ink of PLASTISOL transfer to print in the operation method on the fabrics : It completely and application in transfer to print the paper, acquire the excellent shining and elasticity transfer to print the product. 
Note : The printing ink of PLASTISOL is not dry in indoor temperature, only having exhaustive after drying (and is not to only have the surface dry), then can guarantee the colorfastness.
Transfer paper need have the release result, If did have not release result, using fist to release ink.
【PC-Color Series】:
PC-202 Super White 
PC-302 Yellow
PC-304 Yellow
PC-306 Yellow
PC-402 Orange
PC-404 Red
PC-406 Rose
PC-239 Rose
PC-312 Blue
PC-502 Blue
PC-503 Navy Blue (R)
PC-504 Navy Blue (B)
PC-505 Violet
PC-506 Royal Blue
PC-602 Black
PC-347 Green
PC-702 Green
PC-704 Transparent
PC-705 Softener
PC-706 Diluents
【PC Matt-Color Series】:
PC-302M  Matt Yellow
PC-304M  Matt Yellow
PC-306M  Matt Yellow
PC-402M  Matt Orange
PC-404M  Matt Red
PC-406M  Matt Rose
PC-239M  Matt Rose
PC-502M  Matt Blue
PC-503M  Matt Navy Blue (R)
PC-504M  Matt Navy Blue (B)
PC-505M  Matt Violet
PC-506M  Matt Royal Blue
PC-602M  Matt Black
PC-702M  Matt Green
PC-704M  Matt Transparent
PC-202M  Matt Super White
PC-347M  Matt Green
PC-312M  Matt Blue
【EL-Color Series】:
EL-002 Pearl Golden
EL-004 Pearl Silver
EL-006 Flash Silver
EL-008 Foam
EL-111 Fluorescent Pink
EL-112 Fluorescent Red
EL-114 Fluorescent Orange
EL-116 Fluorescent Yellow
EL-118 Fluorescent Green
EL-121 Fluorescent Magenta
EL-122 Fluorescent Violet
【EL-Matt Color Series】: 
EL-111M  Matt Fluorescent Pink
EL-116M  Matt Fluorescent Yellow
【OC-Color Series】:
OC-444 Hue Red
OC-555 Hue Yellow
OC-666 Hue Blue
OC-777 Hue Black
OC-888 Hue White
OC-999 Hue Transparent
【3D-Color Series】:
3D-100 White
3D-200 Yellow
3D-300 Red
3D-400 Blue
3D-500 Black
3D-600 Transparent
3D-700 Green
3D-800 Rose
3D-900 Rose
3D-001 Pearl Golden
3D-002 Fluorescent Yellow 

Last Update : 2019-11-04
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