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Smart Clothes-with Bluetooth tag and NFC tag

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Smart Care With Smart Clothes


  • Type : OEM T shirts

Key Features

Smart Care With Smart Clothes


smart clothing

Did you have an experience that once your baby/child or you have cold or flu then you have to get up to measure your(or your kid's) body temperature? 


It always appears with the following problems when using traditional thermometers:

  • Can not easily fix the thermometer in our armpit.

  • Have to wait at least five minutes.

  • Need to measure body temperature repeatedly.


In the contrast, Smart Clothes has the following advantages:

  • Do not need to control the thermometer specifically.

  • Do not have to consider the time of measurement.

  • Can monitoring temperature full-day.


measure temperature kick-off alert active alert health management


Other outstanding advantages:


Fertility: Self-monitored the period

It's easier to know the best time to pregnant by your smart clothes.We are excited to say here is clothe to wear which can measure your Basal Body temperature without a thermometer in every morning!


The good thing for this because smart clothes are more convenient and accurate while you are get up to measure your body temperature. Plus you won't forget to measure it because you already wear it. 


Access Management:

Missing alarm notification while you or caregiver is shopping. Child missing alarm will help you to reduce the child missing probability.


bluetooth bt 4.0 NFC


  • Bluetooth tag

  • NFC tag


Product design basis point:

Embedding the sensor in the pocket, and monitoring with mobile phone APP. The phone will immediately alarm when the temperature exceeded.


Core Technology:

Independent design of chip and sensor.


Product Features:

Monitoring  body temperature throughout the day.


But, how to use smart clothes correctly? It is a key question.


Don't worry, it's very simple to operate.


Method of operation:


  • Open the white switch at the bottom of the Bluetooth electronic tag, and you will hear two short "beep" sounds.

  • Insert the two buttons on the back of the Bluetooth electronic tag with the buckle on the upper edge of the pocket.

  • Open the APP in the smart phone.

  • Enter the user's basic information when using it for the first time.

  • Press "Start", this time, the smart phone will open the Bluetooth function and match electronic tags automatically.

  • After matching successful, the APP will receive body temperature data automatically.

  • When you stop using smart clothes, please remove the electronic label from your pocket and turn off the switch. At the same time, please exit the APP in your smart phone.


Pay Attention:

  • Don't scrub by hand.

  • Don't dry.

  • Remove the electronic tag before washing.


Safety Issues:

The electronic tags have been through the US FCC and Taiwan NCC wireless communications security certification, there is no human body electromagnetic radiation safety issues. So do not worry it.


Period of use:

When the clothes are broken, just buy a new smart clothing, electronic tags can continue to use for a long time. And the APP of smart clothes can also be free upgrade all the time.


More details: http://sinopulsar.en.taiwantrade.com/


Tags: smart clothing, Bluetooth warm clothing, auto body temperature detection, NFC



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Last Update : 2017-04-30
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