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Smart Clothes with Sensing Modules

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The newest clothes with anti-loss and thermometer function!


  • Type : Children's Clothing Sets,Children's T-Shirts,Girls' Dresses,Other Children's Clothing
  • High Technology Smart Children's Shirt : T-shirt with module

Key Features

Our smart clothes come with sensing modules designed to measure environment temperatures and provide warning of extreme events. Contact us to learn more about our products.




Suitable crowd:child

Material:Cotton,follow EU environmental requirements

Features:Measuring body temperature, Bluetooth anti-loss,

Certification:United States FCC and Taiwan NCC

Mode:bluetooth and NFC

PS: need download app


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Do you ever worry that you can not sleep well when your child is ill?


Every time to test the child’ body temperature, whether the results are different every time?


When you relax and walk around the mall, are you afraid of your child running around and running away?


When you enter your sleep in the middle of the night, are you afraid of the child playing the quilt and so you can not sleep?


Now!!!Sinopulsar technology Co., Ltd invented the children's temperature clothing, as long as the smart chip into the set position, you can always monitor the body temperature, while also preventing the loss of function.





 compared with tradtion



  1. Compared with the traditional thermometer, the new temperature clothing has a error-proof design, temperature equipment can automatically find the correct location to measure body temperature, to avoid worry results because of the movement or test the location not accurate.

  2. Compared with the traditional thermometer, measuring body temperature do not have to wait 5 minutes, you can immediately know the temperature.

  3. The traditional thermometer is the use of mercury thermal expansion function, the results are not accurate enough, and mercury is toxic, break the consequences unimaginable, and our sense of temperature using exclusive design dedicated MCU chip, the measurement results can be accurate to 0.1 ℃, only grain size, safe and reliable.

  east operation








 key feature

  • Product Design Basis Point:

The body temperature sensor embedded in the clothes, the data directly included in the app, when the body temperature exceeds the normal value, the phone sounded the alarm.


  • Core Technology

Independent design MCU chip + sensor, a chip from TSMC foundry.


  • Body Temperature Early TKnow

The body temperature recorded on the phone, you can always detect, when the child temperature exceeds the normal value, the phone will ring the alarm.


  • Child Anti-Lost

Use the Bluetooth function, when the child from a certain distance, the phone rings the alarm.


  • The Results Came Out Immediately

Unlike the traditional thermometer, to use 5 minutes to measure the temperature directly on the armpit can get the temperature.


  • High Precision Sensor

Body temperature thermal sensor accuracy of 0.1 ℃, the size of only the size of rice-like, safe and comfortable.


  • Long-Term Stability iGood

Using the exclusive design of the MUC chip, a charge can be long-term work, safe and stable, radiation close to 0.


  • Test Results are Accurate

Accurate to 0.1 ° C,with a fake patent,Body temperature sensor in the armpit can be automatically positioned.





 unique design

We have two modes,One for the NFC function,One for the Bluetooth function. 


Body temperature beyond normal reminder:Bluetooth is active;NFC is passive.


Working Distance:the Bluetooth maximum distance is 10M; NFC  maximum distance 4M.


Loss of WarningBluetooth has this feature;NFC   doesn't have this feature.


Last Update : 2019-06-10
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