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Special Lubricants and Noise Damping Products for the Automotive Industry

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Key Features

【Interior components】 With targeted vibration damping and optimisation of friction values, BECHEM lubricants allow controlled reproducible movements in all interior components such as cup holders, arm rests, door trims, consoles, control and switching systems. BECHEM products therefore make a major contribution to the functionality and haptics of interior components and upgrade the relevant parts and vehicles. Products, which are specifically designed for noise reduction, significantly improve driving comfort. 【Mechatronic systems】 BECHEM provides a wide product range for a whole variety of manually and electrically operated actuators and control gears in the vehicle interior and body. These are characterised by their high wear resistance, excellent noise reduction properties and high functional reliability under the harshest climatic conditions worldwide. High levels of compatibility with various materials and the lowest starting torques at very low temperatures complete the range of benefits. 【Electrical contacts】 BECHEM electrical contact lubrication products for the automotive industry meet the highest standards and make a major contribution to the functionality and durability of electrical contact systems with different currents due to their wide service temperature range. Highly specialised formulations guarantee excellent oxidation stability and material compatibility as well as protection against the formation of impurity layers and sparks. 【Chassis and brake systems】 With maximum material compatibility, corrosion protection, load-carrying capacity and protection against tribocorrosion, BECHEM products provide very high levels of reliability over the lifetime of the product for various systems and applications in chassis, brake and steering systems and for transmissions and clutches. 【Seating and belt systems】 For various applications in automotive seating and belt systems, whether actuators, cable winch systems or simple gear segments, with its excellent damping properties, wide service temperature range and good surface adhesion, the BECHEM product range offers maximum reliability even in emergency situations. 【Locking systems and hinges】 For increasingly complex door locking mechanisms and hinges BECHEM offers the appropriate lubricants and coating systems characterised by outstanding low-temperature properties, excellent water and deicing fluid resistance, paint compatibility and reliable corro-sion protection. 【Anti-friction coatings】 Anti-Friction-Coatings are touch dry lubricant solutions for lifetime lubrication in most varied applications. Defined friction values, reduced wear and tribo-corrosion are only a few characteristics which allow these innovative coating technologies. The BECHEM coating product series each offer numerous advantages for all kinds of automotive applications, whether for metal materials, elastomers and plastics or leather and vinyl materials. 【Perfluoropolyether (PFPE) products】 The high performance PFPE based lubricants in the BECHEM range are chemically inert (non-reactive) towards most materials and therefore offer outstanding compatibility especially with plastics as well as excellent resistance to very high temperatures. PFPE based lubricant products are high-purity, fully synthetic base oils with an excellent ageing and oxidation stability.

Last Update : 2017-10-17
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