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Taiwan old soy sauce 420g

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Centennial soy sauce


  • Type : Light Soy Sauce

Key Features

 Taiwan old soy sauce

        Product specifications / contents of ingredients: black beans, sugar, fructose, water, glutinous rice, salt, licorice powder, yeast extract.


    Content volume: 420g

Shelf life: three years    Origin: Taiwan


        The product narrates the taste of eating time... With the taste of the ancients, the taste is revived.

When I was a child, I sat on the bench and ate the dishes made by my mother. I was stained with Taiwan's unique soy sauce. Taiwan's century-old soy sauce! The formula and taste of soy sauce will be adjusted with the times. Many years ago, the factory sorted and accidentally discovered the first generation of a hundred years ago. The founder’s handwritten manuscript was born, and “Taiwan’s old soy sauce” was born.

The high-purity black bean juice has a thick taste and a fresh taste. It brings you the time and the rich flavor of black beans. It is the most nostalgic and Taiwanese soy sauce.


        The taste introduces the entrance of black beans, which is thick and fragrant. After entering the throat, the tongue is full of sweetness. The characteristics of Taiwan's old soy sauce are like a good wine. There are amazing tastes in different stages of the front, middle and back tastes.


       The cooking method is suitable for use as a variety of dishes. For example: three cups of chicken, ancient morning braised pork, braised pork feet or white pheasant sauce, etc...

       Precautions This product is a traditional pottery hand-made fermentation, does not contain preservatives, please close the lid after opening.


     The market price of 12 bottles per case is NT$ 360.

(1) Order less than 100 bottles per bottle market price FOB NT$ 360 yuan

(2) Order 100~300 bottles per bottle market price FOB NT$330

(3) Order 301~500 bottles per bottle market price FOB NT$300

(4) Order 501~1000 bottles per bottle market price FOB NT$ 270 yuan

(5) Order 1001~3000 bottles per bottle market price FOB NT$240

(6) Ordering 3001~6000 bottles per bottle market price FOB NT$ 210

(7) OEM can be ordered over 2,400 bottles

Payment Details

  • Payment Terms : DA ,TT ,L/C ,Money Gram ,PayPal ,Alipay
  • Minimum Order : 50 Carton/Cartons

Last Update : 2018-10-08
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