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Timu Farm – Mengzhen Rice 5kg (Traceability, TAP)

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Key Features

The rice goes through ISO22000, HACCP professional factory by strict quality assurance systems with Japanese refined rice equipment and advanced computer selections.

Front-end introduction:

1. Professional quality control team inspects each rice grain's quality to make sure they are plump and safe in order to safeguard the consumers' health.

2. 100% cultivated in a professional rice paddy field in Taiwan

3. Round, supple, and tender rice with translucent color and perfect texture.

Product description:

1. The rice grains are stored under refrigeration to ensure each grain is fresh and flavorsome.

2. The meticulously selected rice offer impeccable whiteness, plumpness, and translucence, as well as ideal levels of stickiness, elasticity, and hardness.

3. The rice's texture bears a close resemblance to Taikeng 9 Milled Rice, making it a product of choice among Japanese restaurants in Taiwan.

4. Transparency in cultivation and product traceability ensures additional protection.

Ingredients:White Rice

Shelf life:
Manufacture date/Expiry date are marked on top of the packaging

CNS grading:CNS premium grade

Product specifications:Each bag 5kg±1.5%

Country of origin:Taiwan

Storage instructions:
* Please store in a cool place away from direct sunlight and moisture.
* Please refrigerate after opening to preserve its freshness and flavor.

Production and sales history special cultivation
Through the production and sales history certification of Zhongxing University, the purpose of providing safe and secure local agricultural products is the production and sales history. It records, takes care of quality and provides quality local agricultural products.

Tian Muxin Grain
Mr. Tian Mu is an expert in the cultivation of Japanese rice varieties. He was invited by the United States to exchange and improve the quality of US rice in 1989. He stayed behind the United States to cultivate Japanese Koshihikari rice and successfully marketed U.S. Koshihikari rice to the world. After the rejuvenation of the Koshihikari variety in the United States, and in the name of Mr. Tian Mu, it was named Tianmu, which is the highest quality rice in the United States.

Today, we cooperate with Mr. Tian Mu and cultivate the quality rice such as Koshihikari in a special area. Together with the experts from the Agricultural Research Institute and the Agro-Reformation Field, we will guide farmers to cultivate unique and truly good rice. In the area, the rice fields are cultivated in the winter season with various green manures such as sunflower, rape or cosmos. In addition to preventing weed growth, the area can also be used to alter the ecological suppression of pests in the fields.

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Last Update : 2020-05-30
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