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UF membrane

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UF membrane
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UF membrane


  • Type : Water Purification Equipment

Key Features

etailed Product Description

UF1I In-Pressure Module

Type Size (D*L) (mm) Membrane Area (m2)

Test Water Flux≥(L/h. 250.1Mpa purewater)

Feed Water Pressure (Mpa) Operating Temperature PH Weight (Kg)
UF1IB9L 900*1000 7 800 ≤0.3 5-45 2-13 5.5
UF1IB125L 125*1092 15 1600 12.5
UF1IB160L 160*1100 30 3000 22.5

The Main Technical Index of Standard UF Membrane Module

Item UF1I
Product Water Turbidity 0.1NTU
Bacteria Removal 4log
Type Inside Filtration
Membrane Polymer PS
MWCO 67000 Daltons
Fiber dimensions

ID : 1.0mm

OD : 1.5mm

Design water flux 45-110L/m2/h
Maximum Applied Feed Pressure 3Kg/cm2
Feed Turbidity 50NTU
Maximum Operating Temperature 45
PH Operating Range 2-13
Operating Mode Direct flow or Cross flow
Backwash Pressure 2Kg/cm2
Backwash Flux 150-200L/m2/h
Backwash Duration 30-60sec
Chemical Enhanced Backwash Frequency Backwash Resume Flux Less Than 70% or Pressure fall more than 0.5kg/cm2
Chemical Backwash Enhanced Duration 10-30minutes
Disinfection Chemicals NaClO or H2O2
Cleaning Chemicals Special cleaning chemicals or citric Acid, NaOH/NaClO or NaOH/H2O2

Last Update : 2017-04-05
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