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【Alone. Enjoy】Cherry blossoms milk tea

【Alone. Enjoy】Cherry blossoms  milk tea
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    【Alone. Enjoy】Cherry blossoms milk tea In response to this packaging, we will use confession tea and love milk tea as a reference, and upgrade the packaging intentions with the theme of true love. In this society, many people do not know how to convey their thoughts to important people. Therefore, in the packaging design, we have specially reserved a position, so that if you dare not say anything, you can use the written to give the most important person in your heart, so that the other party can understand the heart of the mind. The company insists: 1. Use Taiwanese black tea! ! ! 2. It is very strong to drink, this is the real milk tea! ! 3. Price concessions and high competitiveness.

Contact Information
Company Name HOP HUNG FOOD CO., LTD.
Contact Person Mr.丁健翔
Email cliptrue@gmail.com
Country/Region Taiwan
Business Phone Number +886-227591001
Company Website http://cliptrue.weebly.com/
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