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Punching Press Machines for Tube, Máquina de perforación

Punching Press Machines for Tube, Máquina de perforación
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    Taiwan, ROC

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    2017-09-16 - 2017-12-22

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    CNC or Not :CNC

    Type :Hydraulic

    Please visit www.likest.com & www.punching-machine.com or call us @ Tel:+886922061622

    email: info@likest.com

    The machine have an Auto feeding Function for the materials. Forward and Backward the materials is moved by Servo Motor. You can adjust the punching speed and the feeding speed faster.

    Punching Motion types:
    2-1. Single Punching Operation
    2-2. Irregular Interval Punching (You can set irregular Center to Center distance between holes)
    2-3. Regular Interval Punching. (You can set regular Center to Center distance between holes)

    Operator Interface Terminals (HMI: Human Machine Interfaces) > Configured HMI Systems (Configured Industrial Panel with LCD, Touch screen [Touch TFT LCD Screen])
    Controller: NC (Numerical Control), Automation
    Production Cycle: within 1 second (The other factory conditional Punching need 6 seconds above)
    Positioner: Servo Motor, with MEMORY SAVE POSITIONS function.
    Electric Power: 7.5HP
    Max. Stroke Length:150mm (Stroke Length can setting the position)
    Throat Depth: 600mm

    Table Adjust Distance (Front-Back): 150mm (SPECIAL DESIGN IS WELCOME)

    Servo Feed-in Positioner Frame for Material Length: 3000mm (SPECIAL DESIGN IS WELCOME) for Different variable Lengths of the materials
    Material Feeder/Bar Feeder/Feed-in Length: 2000mm (SPECIAL DESIGN IS WELCOME)

    Punching Unit Dimension (Apr.): 1300*700*200mm (L*W*H) SPECIAL DESIGN IS WELCOME

    Machine (Net Weight): 6800 kg

    Hydraulic Punching Pressure: 50Ton/100Ton (SPECIAL DESIGN IS WELCOME)

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