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Morning Walk

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    Korea, South Korea

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    2018-04-11 - 2018-05-30

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    Morning Walk focuses on movements of feet during gait rehabilitation to regain paitent's ability to walk.
    End effector type foot mechanism allows the patient to practice various training modes - Ground Walking, Stair Ascending, and Stair Descending mode.
    Active BWS system automatially controls saddle height to support the patient's partial ratio of body weight.
    Morning Walk provides customized 3-dimentional virtual reality software so that the patients actually do not perceive the gait training as a form of therapy, rather enjoy walking in interactive.

Company Profile
Company Curexo INC.
Contact Person Brian Kim
Email Contact Us
Country Korea, South Korea
Tel. +82-7070128222
URL http://curexo.com/
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